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I’m a Western trained physician. I had patients that would always have somewhat flu symptoms and didn’t really feel so well and they were taking this medication called Oscillo. And so I looked into it, and when I did, I saw that there were actually studies out there that talked about the benefits of decreasing the duration and the severity of illness. So I started to try patients on this and I saw patients get absolutely better. I have several patients with several different medical illnesses, and to be able to offer them something if they start coming down with flu like symptoms such as fatigue, achiness, and know that it’s not going to interact with the medications that I have them on, that’s a win-win for both me and the patient. It’s been around for like 65 years; and a lot of the things that I’m able to offer, I can’t say there’s 65 years’ worth of evidence and data that it actually works. But, I personally think Oscillo is perfect for families on the go like mine. My kids are on a first name basis with Oscillo. You know, it has that sweet taste so it’s a medicine that’s not like normal medicines in that sense. And it’s easy for them because they just open it up and they put the vile right under their tongue. So not only does it work, not only does it not cause drug-to-drug interactions, not only does it decrease the severity and illness of your disease or problem, but its affordable. It’s not expensive to get this healing naturally. Let me tell you, Oscillo is good enough for me to take it and for my own family and children to take it. They love Oscillo and I’m quite sure your family would to.

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